Expanded Metal Mesh and How is It Used

Expanded metal is usually considered a substitute for sheet metal or wire mesh. It combines among the best features of both—providing a fabric that is stronger than thin wire mesh and has better air flow and drainage than sheet metal. In reality, it’s a superb option for customized wire baskets that want more tensile power than wires can provide. Additionally, expanded metal cuts down on the need for further welding operations compared to using particular person steel wires, making it faster and easier to complete sturdy baskets.

What is Expanded Metal Mesh?

Stainless steel expanded metal mesh is made of a single stable sheet of compressed and stretched material. The expanded metal grating is useful for heavyweight custom parts washing applications, as well as providing open area for air flow and drainage.

Types of Expanded Metal Mesh

There are distinct sorts of expanded stainless steel mesh used for baskets: customary and flattened. The time period “standard expanded metal” refers to the metal as it comes out of the increasing machine. On the other hand, flattened expanded metal is what occurs when standard expanded metal is put by way of a cold rolling metal mill to flatten the expanded stainless steel mesh.

How is Expanded Metal Made?

How stainless steel expanded metal is made depends upon the type.

In the process of making standard expanded metal, the expander and the sheet metal’s thickness determine the precise dimensions of the expanded metal, though thickness of the metal strands and the open space between them shall be consistent and regular. Relying on the expanding equipment, normal expanded metal could have a slightly rounded appearance. This helps reduce any risk of wash process runoff collecting in the expanded metal basket.

Flattened expanded metal is put by means of a cold rolling steel to flatten the mesh. This makes the expanded metal grating thinner, flatter, and wider/longer. This type of expanded metal may have dimensions slightly completely different from any original estimates since it could be difficult to predict how a lot growth will occur through the flattening process.

The choice between flattened and commonplace expanded metal mesh will depend on the application. Standard expanded metal is usually more helpful for parts washing applications because the raised facilities of the bonds forestall liquids from pooling in the basket. Flattened expanded metal, however, could also be more useful for certain parts handling applications or for making bigger customized mesh baskets slightly lighter by thinning out the metal mesh.

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